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Like some of his recent films, it’s a very different movie for Pattinson.

Corbijn:  “The screen time is easily divided between Dane DeHaan and Rob, and they’re very different actors. Rob — I think he’s working to be seen as a proper actor and not as a movie star. He takes a lot of challenging roles, and tries to work with directors that are a bit away from the mainstream.

"The fact that he maybe wants to prove himself as an actor was very good for the role of Dennis Stock, who wants to prove himself as being a great photographer. Also, for Rob to be on the other end of the camera was quite interesting."

Did you give Pattinson advice on being a photographer?

Corbijn: “I got a camera to him quite a few months before we started shooting. An old Leica so he could put film in it and get comfortable with it.

Wall Street Journal interview

That’s the director, Anton Corbijn (in a hat), in a cameo as a photographer, next to Rob on the night they filmed the Judy Garland premiere scene.


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Still a stuttering, blubbering mess. UGH !
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The Rover is the opening night film at the Fantasy Film Fest in Berlin on August 7th. The program is online HERE. 

Rob will be in London on Aug. 5 and 6th, no word on if he will be at the festival in Berlin or not.

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"One of the great, sort of rewarding things for me about this whole experience is that the guy who is at the center of this bizarre bubble is actually a very wonderful, gentle, humble, interesting, and funny human being."     — David Michôd, Director of The Rover

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