#365DoR ~ Dec. 20: Director compliment of Rob 
Rob has been complimented profusely by directors before but i’ll never forget this one….

He’s terrific. He deserves the affection that the fans have for him. He’s incredibly sweet, he’s very funny, he’s very bright and he’s also very knowledgeable about cinema. Not just movies but the history of cinema. He knows a lot about it. He’s just a sweetheart. And he’s totally professional. He’s always right there. We had a lot of fun shooting [the movie] because, as I say, he has a great sense of humor. We just played a lot. I think that’s a really great tone that’s set for everybody on the set. The lead actor has a really big influence on the tone of the shoot. If you’ve got a guy who’s very difficult and neurotic or whatever, they can’t help but affect everybody’s day. But Rob is not like that. He’s just a ray of sunshine. In fact, he’s in absolutely every scene of the movie, so obviously his temperament would have a huge influence on how the shoot went … and it was a dream. It was a beautiful shoot.
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Maps to the stars
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2014 - a great year
#MapsToTheStars - #TheRover
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MTTS_ Rob_ Oh my …
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Instant reglog.


Rob en Beverly Hills (10 de Mayo de 2009)

Just three days until The Rover trailer!

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